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MDnD stands for ‘Music, Dance and Drama’.

On www.mdnd.in, you can-

Discover Events

Fans can discover upcoming music, dance or drama events in Indian Performing Arts, whether FREE or ticketed and whether Offline or Online or Hybrid.

Artists and organisers / event managers can register at www.mdnd.in/register and upload details of their upcoming events at No Cost. The events will then appear on www.mdnd.in/events . The event label can be promoted by sharing by WhatsApp, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or by email.

For support, please mail to events@mdnd.in.

Discover Artists

Fans, prospective clients and organisers can browse the ‘Wall of Artists’ www.mdnd.in/artists or ‘Wall of Junior Artists’ www.mdnd.in/juniorartists and identify artists, watch their videos, discover their upcoming events, follow and engage with them.

Artists can register at www.mdnd.in/register and subscribe to Star Membership at a very nominal cost to appear on the ‘Wall of Artists’ or ‘Wall of Junior Artists’, as the case may be. Artist profiles that are complete in terms of pictures, links to videos and having good number of followers are likely to get greater attention and followers. Profile links can be easily shared by WhatsApp or social media.

Discover Live Streamed Events

Fans can visit www.mdnd.in/live to watch ‘Live’ or ‘Premiered’ events by various artists. Past recordings are also available for viewing.

Artists or organisers who want to ‘Live Stream’ their concerts or even festivals at a nominal cost can email to events@mdnd.in.

Discover Videos for Sale

Fans can discover and buy videos put up for sale by different artists and organisations at www.mdnd.in/videostore . These can be viewed online at any time and from anywhere, but cannot be downloaded.

Artists or organisations who want to put up their videos for sale on a nominal revenue-sharing basis may email to events@mdnd.in.


Look out for more products, services and features as we onboard more stakeholders in Indian Performing Arts.