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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a seasoned performing artist or an upcoming artist, we welcome you to use this website to build and promote your career.

You can-

1. Register and Create / Edit your profile for FREE!

2. Create and list all your upcoming events, whether online or offline. Your events will then appear in all the calendars in the Events Section. This is also completely FREE!

3. You can even do your own ticketing using the features in this website. Presently, this facility is available only for users in India.

4. For a small investment, -

  • You will get featured on the Wall of Artist for the World to see
  • All your upcoming events will also appear in the Featured Events section in the Home Page
  • You can access registration / enrolment forms floated by different organisers who are also registered on this website.

Music, Dance 'n' Drama is in our name. Consequently, we cover every type of performing art.

If you do not find your category or sub-category in our existing list, please feel free to 'Quick-Add' your category & sub-category.

As a fan, you can-

  • Find out who is performing when and where from the Events Section
  • Buy tickets / Donor Passes
  • Find out more about your favourite artists from their profiles
  • Check out the Wall of Artists to see profiles and schedules of all the seasoned and upcoming artists under different categories & sub-categories and their location-wise.
  • Find out more about different Sabhas / organisers and their upcoming schedules from the Wall of Organisers
  • Check out the facilities at different Venues